City Hall staff have been fielding many calls from residents with questions about recent utility bills. The following information is provided to help answer these common questions.

Q: Has the City changed the water or sewer rates?
A: The City has not changed the rate charged for water or sewer utilities. All rate changes must be approved by City Council and all utility account holders will be informed prior to any future rate changes.

Q: Why is my bill so high?
A: There are several reasons water bills may be higher than anticipated:
• Late last year the utility billing changed from quarterly sewer bills and monthly water bills to a combined sewer and water bill every two months. The reason for this change was to decrease the number of utility payments for customers and transactions for the City to process. Therefore, the latest bills include two months of water and sewer service.
• The recent utility bill is for June and July, which are typically two of the highest water use months during the year. The next bill will be for August and September, which are also generally high water use months. This has been a very dry spring and summer, which typically correlates with higher than average water usage.

Q: Can someone check to make sure my meter was read and bill calculated correctly?
A: All of the meter readings were verified and matched to the correct address and meter prior to calculating and sending out the bills.

Q: I think I may have a leak which is contributing to high water usage. Can someone check?
A: City employees are only able to check the meter itself and there may be a fee of $15 for this service. If you believe you may have a water leak there are things you can do to check. First, open the cover of your meter and look inside to see if there is a visible leak. If no visible leak is present, you may try shutting off all sources of water use, then viewing the meter to see if it is actively counting usage. If it is, then you likely have a leak. The city is not responsible for water leaks on the customer side of the meter. If there is a leak on the customer’s side of the meter, it is the customer’s responsibility to contact a plumber to have the issue corrected.