Budget Comittee

2017-2018 Budget

2016-17 Budget

2015-16 Budget 

The Millersburg Budget Committee is made up of five volunteers and the five elected members of the City Council. Citizens are appointed to four year terms. The Millersburg Budget Committee meets a minimum of one time per year beginning in April to receive and review the draft budget. They forward a recommended budget to the City Council for final approval. Attend a budget committee meeting to weigh in on the budget plans of your city.

City Council Members:                            Citizen Members:

Jim Lepin 12/31/2018                              Ed Perlenfein 2018

Scott Cowan 12/31/2018                         David Ballard 2018

Don Miller 12/31/20                                 Darrin Lane 2018

Dave Harms 12/31/20                             Barry Holsworth 2020

Scott McPhee 12/31/20                          Dennis Gunner 2020