Budget Information

Budget Information

The City’s budget process starts in January. In April the proposed budget is presented to the Budget Committee which is comprised of the Mayor, City Councilors, and an equal number citizens from the community.  During the meetings, City staff present the proposed budget, giving a presentation of upcoming projects and plans for the year.  After consideration, the Budget Committee makes amendments if they choose and then approves the budget.

In June the approved budget is presented to the City Council for adoption. After that approval, the document is finalized and ready for the new budget cycle beginning July 1st.

Any resident or business interested in the City’s budget document may view a copy posted below. Additional questions should be directed to City Hall at (458) 233-6300.

Budget Documents
2020-21 Adopted Budget
2019-20 Adopted Budget
2018-19 Adopted Budget
2017-18 Budget
2016-17 Budget
2015-16 Budget 

Budget Committee

Capital Improvement Program
2019-2023 Capital Improvement Program
2018-2022 Capital Improvement Program