The Budget Committee consists of the Mayor, City Councilors and five citizens at large. Citizens are appointed by the governing body and serve four-year terms.

Budget Committee members can ask City staff questions on financial programs and operational matters. Members can suggest and vote on amendments to the proposed budget. The proposed budget as amended by the Committee is known as the Approved Budget.

The approved Budget is referred to the City Council for adoption through a public hearing. Council can adopt the budget as presented or vote on changes prior to adoption.

City Council Members:                            Citizen Members:

Jim Lepin 12/31/2022                              Travis Younger 2018
Scott Cowan 12/31/2022                          David Ballard 2018
Don Miller 12/31/20                                  Darrin Lane 2020
Dave Harms 12/31/20                              Barry Holsworth 2020
Scott McPhee 12/31/20                            Dennis Gunner 2018