Citizen Advisory Groups

Millersburg community members may choose to participate in City government through serving on one of our standing or ad hoc commissions or committees (herein referred to as “committees”). State law requires that the City maintain certain groups, such as a Planning Commission and Budget Committee, while special ad hoc committees may be created by the Council for a particular purpose to study a certain area of interest or concern. For instance, the Parks Committee was formed to serve in an advisory capacity for the development of the Parks Master Plan and will sunset when the Parks Master Plan is completed.

These groups provide guidance and expertise on important policy issues that affect the City government and the community as a whole. Group members provide an invaluable service to our community by interacting with people of all ages, interests, and backgrounds and providing elected officials and City staff greater understanding of community concerns, values, and perspectives.

To serve, committee members must be residents of the City of Millersburg unless otherwise specified for a given committee.

Budget Committee                                      Term: Four years                   No Vacancies
The Budget Committee is an advisory group created by Oregon law to take public comment and testimony on the proposed budget and to recommend approval with any changes of the proposed budget to the City Council. The Budget Committee is active April through June. The Committee reviews the City’s proposed budget and budget policies. The Budget Committee is comprised of the five City Council members and five citizen members.  All citizen nominees must be formally appointed by the full City Council.

Parks Committee                                                                                         No Vacancies
The Parks Committee was formed by the City Council in August 2017 to research and develop plans and projects for City parks. In late 2018, the City Council changed the role of the Parks Committee to serve in an advisory capacity, specifically for the development and implementation of the Parks Master Plan. The current Parks Committee consists of between five (5) and a maximum of twelve (12) citizens at large, not including members of the City Council or Planning Commission. The Parks Committee will sunset at the completion of the Parks Master Plan then a Parks Commission will be formed.

Events Planning Committee                       None                                       Open
The major responsibility of the Events Planning Committee is to plan and facilitate the annual Millersburg Celebration that happens every September.

Planning Commission                                 Term: Three years                 One Vacancy
The Planning Commission is made up of seven Council-appointed volunteers and oversees implementation of the City’s Land Use Development Code and Comprehensive Plan. The Planning Commission reviews and approves or denies applications for various types of land uses.

Citizen Advisory Group Application
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