Ever thought you’d like to get behind the scenes of the happenings in City government? The City of Millersburg is currently looking for volunteers for the Event Planning Committee. If you’re interested, check out the details here and fill out Commission_Committee Application. Support your City by volunteering!

Commission & Committee Recruitment

Residents who live in the jurisdictional limits of the City of Millersburg are eligible to fill vacancies on the following commission and committees.

If you are interested in applying to serve on one or more of these Council-appointed advisory bodies, please download or pick an application up at City Hall and return the application to City Recorder, City of Millersburg, 4222 NE Old Salem Road, Albany OR 97321 or email to info@cityofmillersburg.org.

Budget Committee                                      Term: Four years                   No Vacancies

The Budget Committee is an advisory group created by Oregon law to take public comment and testimony on the proposed budget and to recommend approval with any changes of the proposed budget to the City Council. The Budget Committee is active April through June. The Committee reviews the City’s proposed budget and budget policies. The Budget Committee is comprised of the five City Council members and five citizen members.  All citizen nominees must be formally appointed by the full City Council.

Parks Committee                                                                                         No Vacancies

The Parks Committee consists of two City Councillors, two Planning Commission members and three citizens at large and are appointed by the City Council. Their purpose is to bring forth findings and recommendations on the following areas:

  • research the needs for, and feasibility of, development of intramural sports fields at the existing park, create a plan to do so, and include a review of total park lighting needs;
  • research, investigate, and create a plan to install a water spray fountain at the park;
  • develop a plan to incorporate park property within new subdivisions; and
  • research feasibility for developing a sports field on City owned property parallel to Castillo Drive

Event Planning Committee                                                                         Open

A sub-committee of the Parks Committee, the Event Planning Committee plans and facilitates the annual Millersburg Celebration.

Planning Commission                                 Term: Three years                 No Vacancies

The Planning Commission is made up of nine Council-appointed volunteers and oversees implementation of the City’s Development Code and Comprehensive Plan. The Planning Commission reviews and approves or denies applications for various types of land uses.