Fire Protection & Life Safety

Millersburg Fire Protection and Life Safety Services

Albany Fire Department Contacts:
Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-Emergency: (541) 917-7700

The City of Millersburg is committed to providing the highest level of protection to our residents and industries.

Effective July 1, 2018, the Albany Fire Department (AFD) began providing fire protection and life safety services to the northern portion of the City, which was not previously covered by AFD, resulting in AFD coverage to the entire City of Millersburg. On October 1, Station 15, Millersburg’s Fire Station 15, located on Conser Road across from the Millersburg City Hall, opened with a brush/rescue unit or engine with advanced life support. Then, on November 1, 2018, Station 15 staffed the station with a three-person engine company with advanced life support capabilities full time.

The current Station 15 is a temporary facility until a permanent location is selected and a new station constructed.

For information about AFD and the resources available to Millersburg residents, visit:

The below list are links to AFD resources more frequently used:

Backyard/Open Burning:

Fire Code Permit Program:


Be safe during your 4th of July fireworks celebrations! As you do, here are some facts to consider from the National Fire Protection Agency related to fireworks: According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), on average each year, fireworks start 18,500 fires, including 1,300 structure fires, 300 vehicle fires, and 16,900 outside and other fires.  These fires cause an annual average of 3 deaths, 40 civilian injuries, and $43 million in direct property damage. Please make sure you and your family don’t become a statistic and be careful!

2019 Fireworks Campaign – Legal Fireworks

2019 Fireworks Campaign – Illegal Fireworks

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