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Located in the heart of the fertile Willamette Valley, Millersburg is a rapidly growing community with a small town feel.

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Scheduled Maintenance – Seasonal Vegetation Removal

The City’s upcoming scheduled maintenance for vegetation removal is shown below. Because of limited staff and equipment resources, this schedule may be adjusted as required to respond to needs within the city.  If you are aware of a maintenance need which is not addressed in the schedule below, please contact City Hall.  Please keep in mind that it is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain not only their frontage, but also the sidewalk and planter strip adjacent to the sides and rear of their property, where applicable.  City Ordinance 117 requires that all vegetation be removed up to 8 ft above sidewalks and 14 ft above roads.

City maintenance work within road right-of-ways consists of removal of vegetation from walking areas and pruning or cutting of vegetation interfering with sight distance and road clearance.  In some areas, vegetation within the right-of-way is also sprayed with herbicide to reduce maintenance frequency.

Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance:

Week of

Road Right-of-Way

Detention Basin


Millersburg Drive east of Woods Road

Eagle’s Nest


Woods Road north

Woods Estates


Woods Road south

Hoffman Estates


Conser Road

Morningstar Estates


Morningstar Road, Old Salem Road north of Morningstar

Becker Ridge North


Old Salem Road from Conser to Morningstar

Eagle’s Nest


Millersburg Drive west of Woods Road

Woods Estates


Millersburg Drive east of Woods Road

Hoffman Estates



Morningstar Estates


Prep for Millersburg Celebration – Road Right-of-Ways


Prep for Millersburg Celebration


Street Sweeping Schedule

The following schedule is for Millersburg residential neighborhoods. The main arterial roads: Alexander Lane, Conser Road, Millersburg Drive, and Woods Road are done twice a month.

July 16th thru 18th
August 20th thru 22nd
September 17th thru 19th
October 22nd thru 24th 
November 19th thru 21st
December 17th thru 19th

Do you have questions about Millersburg’s tax rate or seek clarification about how tax rates are assessed? Click Your Millersburg Tax Rate and Assessed Value Explained to learn more.

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