Parks Committee

The Parks Committee was formed by the City Council in August 2017 to research and develop plans and projects for City parks. In late 2018, the City Council change the role of the Parks Committee to serve in an advisory capacity, specifically for the development of the Parks Master Plan. The current Parks Committee consists of between five (5) and a maximum of twelve (12) citizens at large, not including members of the City Council or Planning Commission. The Committee currently consists of the following members:

  • John Andersen
  • Don Dixon
  • John Elder
  • Wendy Major
  • Bob Nelson
  • Carlye Schraeder
  • Caryl Thomas
  • Justin Toews
  • Michael Wertz
  • Jenny Wolfenbarger
  • Rob Yencopal

Meeting Materials

Date Agenda Summary Staff Handouts Approved Minutes
January 22, 2020 Parks Committee Meeting Packet_01-22-2020
December 11, 2019 Draft_Parks Committee Meeting Minutes_12-11-2019
November 5, 2019 Parks Committee Meeting Agenda_11-05-2019 Draft_Parks Committee Meeting Minutes_11-05-2019 Draft_Parks Master Plan
July 11, 2019 July Parks Committee Meeting Agenda Draft_Parks Committee Meeting Minutes_7-11-19 Millersburg_Survey_Report_v070519
April 18, 2019 Parks Committee Meeting Agenda_04-18-2019 Draft_Parks Committee Meeting Minutes_4-18-19 
January 30, 2019 January Parks Committee Meeting Agenda Draft_Parks Committee Meeting Minutes_1-30-19