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Deferred Payment Program

Deferred Payment Program Form

One of our City’s adopted values states,

Commitment to Service: We put our customers first, striving to provide assistance beyond the expectations of those we serve. We respond to our internal and external customers, treating them with courtesy and respect. We facilitate, enable, and seek out solutions to improve the community and meet our citizen and business needs.”

In accordance with this value, the City Council has elected to provide utility payment deferrals (Deferred Payment Program) during the current COVID-19 emergency.

If you are currently impacted by a business closure, temporary business closure, reduction of operations, furlough, or layoff with loss of income due to the Coronavirus, you may qualify for deferment of water and sewer bill payment and an alternate payment schedule.  If you believe you would qualify for this deferment, please either contact City Hall to email/mail you a copy of the form or visit the City’s website for the application then mail or email it to the City at info@cityofmillersburg.org.

If you have difficulty paying your bill in full and would prefer to consider a payment plan instead of applying for the Deferred Payment Program, please contact City Hall at 458-233-6300.

Sewer Rate Increase, effective February 1, 2020

At the beginning of February 2020 a 7.5% sewer rate increase went into effect.  The rate increase was adopted at the City Council meeting on January 14, 2020.  This increase applies to all residential, commercial, and industrial customers.  Because the rate became effective at the beginning of February, the first time customers will see a change in their bills is at the end of March/beginning of April 2020.

For background information on the rate increase, see below…

In 2014, the City of Millersburg recognized that revenue from sewer rates was falling behind annual operating costs due to the fact that no sewer rate increases had taken place since 2010.  At that time, it was determined a 25% rate increase would be required to adjust the rates to meet operating costs.  In December of 2014, City Council adopted a rate increase of 10%, effective January 1, 2015 followed by another 10% rate increase January 1, 2016.  The first rate increase was implemented, however the second was not.

In 2018, the City undertook a study of both water and sewer rates.  In order to ensure utility revenues are sufficient to cover expenses over the next five to ten years, a 7.5% increase in sewer rates was recommended in early 2020.  The study also recommends additional rate structure changes and rate increases for each utility in the future.

In December 2019 a public hearing was held to provide information and receive feedback on the proposed sewer rate increase.  At the January 2020 City Council meeting, Council determined that an increase in the sewer rate charges in early 2020 was necessary to fund operational costs as well as upcoming required projects and offset the need for even larger increases in the future, and passed Resolution 2020-01.

Leak Adjustments

Per the Code of Ordinances, adjustments may be made for underground leaks between the meter and the structure. After the leak has been repaired, please provide receipts and images of the leak to the City Hall. An adjustment up to 50% of the estimated excess consumption due to leakage, for no more than the last billing period may be allowed. Adjustments are not permitted due to leaking plumbing fixtures or the apparent continued waste of water due to a negligent failure to repair.

Leak Adjustment Request Form-fillable