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Resiliency and Reliability with LS Network VoIP Communications System 

MILLERSBURG—The City of Millersburg has just completed a long overdue upgrade of its telephony system using state-of-the-art and industry-standard Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. This upgrade was made possible by the installation of high-speed fiber to City Hall necessary to address issues with utility billing software.  The new phone system went online January 28, 2020.

The new system replaced an existing older phone system which had been converted to a modified VoIP.  This system was limited to three incoming and outgoing lines and operated with limited communication features.  The new phone system provides advanced services through the communication platform, including the following new features:

  • Direct dial access and voice mail to individual extensions.
  • Expansion from three to twenty phone lines.
  • Auto attendant support for business and non-business hours of operation.
  • After hours direct call routing for routine and emergency issues (no need for an additional call).
  • Teleworking support.
  • Conference calling capabilities.

Residents and others may reach City Hall via the new number at (458) 233-6300.  The 458 area code was added as an overlay to the current area served by area code 541 in 2010.  In order to secure a group of 20 sequential phone numbers with an Albany prefix, the City had to select a group of numbers from the 458 area code.

It is important for the City to continue to provide customer service by answering our phones in person during business hours.  But, for those times when staff are unavailable or assisting another customer, an auto attendant will be available to our customers for call routing.

The old number, (541) 928-4523, will still connect residents and others to the City Hall.


2020 Street Sweeping Schedule

The following schedule is for Millersburg residential neighborhoods. The main arterial roads: Alexander Lane, Conser Road, Millersburg Drive, and Woods Road are done twice a month.

February 18 – 20
March 17th thru 19th
April 20th thru 23rd
May 19th thru 21st
June 16th thru 18th
July 21st thru 23rd
August 18th thru 20th
September 22nd thru 24th
October 20th thru the 22nd
November 17th thru the 19th
December 22nd thru 24th

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